“The counterpoint of a London garden and archival family photographs creates a wonderful, self-contained story that breaks through the boundaries of time, death, and lockdown. Zones of Possibility conjures absence - a portrait of what's missing and what remains. It is beautiful.” – Kyle Cassidy, Photographer

From March 2020, Helen Rosemier self-isolated in her garden flat for 429 days. During this time she found herself looking back to the past to find her bearings. Whilst exploring the family archive, Rosemier began to create juxtapositions and dialogues between old and new photographs in an attempt to find the edges of her world. The result is a stunning body of work brought to life in an intimate photobook, which will resonate with anyone who has mourned for someone they loved.This beautiful and intriguing book takes the viewer to a quiet and contemplative space - a grey area between absence and presence where fact and fiction is blurred. The images speak of loss and grief and the unsolvable mysteries formed by family mythologies. Ghosts of lost futures haunt the pages and evoke an atmospheric tale exquisitely captured.

  • Published February 2024

  • Limited edition of 250 copies

  • Softback, 106pp

  • 175 mm x 250 mm

  • Price: £32 + shipping

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